AdvancedDx Biological Laboratories Launches in the U.S. to Bring COVID-19 Diagnostic and Antibody Tests to Local Communities

NEWBURYPORT, MA – May 1, 2020: AdvancedDx Biological Laboratories USA Inc. (ABLDx), a virologic diagnostic solutions company, announced today its official launch in the U.S. to commercialize solutions that will advance public health in the Americas. The company will be focused on fighting the COVID-19 global pandemic, bringing tests to support the front lines in local communities in the U.S. with an initial emphasis on the greater Boston area and the South Florida region, and then nationwide.
ABLDx USA Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Advanced Biological Laboratories-S.A. (ABL-SA), which has headquarters in Luxembourg and a 10-year track record in virology and infectious disease testing. Founded by Chairman, Dr. Chalom Sayada, ABL-SA offers expertise in an array of viral diagnostic solutions and enables the development of high-quality COVID-19 testing solutions that are expected to be in high demand until proven vaccines are developed.
For its commitment to the US market, ABLDx has recruited Dr. Anthony J. Japour as Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Japour has more than 25 years of leadership experience in diagnostic and clinical drug development and a proven success record in commercial product launches and lifecycle management. He trained in internal medicine and infectious diseases at Harvard Medical School, where he also began his career as a molecular virologist and translational research investigator.
“It is a privilege to join ABLDx and return to the fight against infectious diseases that impact the health and wealth of society, and cities like Boston and Miami,” explained Dr. Japour. “With the launch of ABLDx, we are one more soldier joining a battalion in the war on COVID-19 and are totally focused on producing the kind of highly accurate, highly sensitive tests the market needs and is now demanding. As Lord Kelvin, one of my personal heroes who profoundly influenced scientific thought of his generation, once said, ‘To measure is to know.’”
ABLDx will be offering a line-up of molecular, serological and genotype products that address both diagnostic and antibody testing. With a clear understanding that testing rests at the critical intersection of patient care, the collection of sufficient data to inform vaccine development, and the need to create public health and safety measures to reopen and maintain the economy, solutions are expected to roll out over the next 10 to 45 days.
Dr. Japour received several research grants, including a National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases K11 Award and an RO1 Principal Investigator grant in the area of HIV drug resistance. Dr. Japour later moved to the biopharmaceutical industry, holding a position at Abbott Laboratories where his contributions led to accelerated FDA approval for Kaletra (lopinavir/ritonavir) indicated for adults and children with HIV-1 infection.
Dr. Chalom Sayada added, “As global citizens with business, personal and scientific relationships in the U.S., we saw the need to step in and support the U.S. as it became the reported COVID-19 epicenter. Anthony Japour provides the scientific knowledge, commercial understanding and the community leadership to champion this opportunity.”

About AdvancedDx Biological Laboratories (ABLDx)

AdvancedDx Biological Laboratories, USA Inc. (ABLDx) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ABL-SA, headquartered in Newburyport, MA. Advanced Biological Laboratories, (ABL), S.A., are headquartered in Luxembourg. ABLDx, was formed in 2019 to commercialize viral diagnostic solutions for the US market with a current focus on the COVID-19 global pandemic and the need for testing in local communities across the U.S.

About Advanced Biological Laboratories (ABL SA)

Advanced Biological Laboratories (ABL), S.A., is a Diagnostic and Medical Software company founded in 2000 as a spin-off from CRP-Santé ( Luxembourg. ABL’s products offer to infectious disease clinicians, virology and microbiology laboratories:

  • Assays and standalone software systems for accredited laboratories (i.e. ISO 15189), mainly for microbiology applications (related to HIV, Coronavirus, Tuberculosis, HCV, HBV, HPV, CMV, HPV, Flu, 16s RNA…) for clinical genotyping through sequencing (DeepChek®), DNA and RNA detection and quantification (UltraGene™), including powerful downstream analysis software applications fully integrated with knowledge databases and analysis systems for capillary and high-throughput Next Generation Sequencing data.
  • Clinical software applications for infectious diseases units
  • IT dashboards and clinical database aggregation applications for research and clinical management

ABL took in 2013 the rights to all viral hepatitis B & C related assets from EVIVAR MEDICAL as well as a personalized medicine electronic medical record system (EMR) in infectious disease from GlaxoSmithKline in 2016. In July 2018, acquired CDL Pharma to develop CRO related services and assays manufacturing capacity. In June 2019, ABL created its affiliate in the USA (AdvancedDx Biological Laboratories) covering the entire North American territory.

ABL has a comprehensive suite of healthcare management products, including Nadis®, TherapyEdge®, ViroScore®, SeqHepB, DeepChek®, UltraGene®, VisibleChek®, HepatiC®, BacterioChek, MicrobioChek and the DPM used for data and patient management, monitoring and personalized reporting applications. In 2012, some of ABL’s products also received CE-marking for IVD use. In 2020 ABL got CE IVD for its DeepChek®-HIV assays as well as for its UltraGene-SARS-CoV-2 assay. The other products are currently available for Research Use Only.