Information Note – September 2017

We are pleased to share with you recent updates on ABL Diagnostics solutions:

  • DeepChek Software v3.27 released including:
    • Largescale mode: launch analyses on multiple samples simultaneously
    • New One-page Report
    • New version of HIVDB drug resistance guidelines (v8.4)
    • HCV reference subtypes updated according to the May 2015 ICTV classification
    • New HCV high resolution subtyping pipeline
  • New DeepChek Assays released:
    • DeepChek®-HIV V3 Loop/Tropism Assay (K-17-H2-V3)
    • DeepChek®-HBV RT Genotyping and DR Assay (K-17-B-RT)
  • New line of products intended to be used for Viral Load: UltraGene Assays
  • Scientific content
    • Poster on the DeepChek®-HCV Genotyping NS5B/5’UTR assay at EASL
    • Poster on the DeepChek®-HIV Assays at the SIV ISV congress
    • Paper – Baseline and post-treatment hepatitis C NS5A resistance in relapsed patients from a multicentric real-life cohort.
The ABL Diagnostics Team