TherapyEdge® eRegister 1.6 is a Windows® application used to capture most important information on HIV-infected patients necessary for patient management and reporting.

  • It has been designed for Primary Healthcare and Outpatient Clinics where networking
    and connectivity, space and computer skills can be a limitation.
  • Full and strong data system encryption according to international patient privacy laws, has
    been implemented.
  • The data can be sent to a central server (TherapyEdge® Box, (TEBox)) for data aggregation,
    viewing of lab results (Laboratory Information System (LIS)), data export and remote counseling.
  • The minimal required dataset is captured to generate stakeholder reports from the TEBox
    Server. This is especially suited to PEPFAR, Global Fund, South African National Indicators
    (eKapa) and other international NGOs report templates.

Fast & Easy Solution

  • 2 hours for end-users’ training
  • 3 minutes to create 1 patient
  • 1 minute for a follow-up visit

Cost effective & affordable

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