TherapyEdge® Box

The TherapyEdge® Box is a turnkey solution making it easy for a healthcare facility or physicians practice of any size or any level of sophistication to instantly provide a higher level of personalization of care.

The TherapyEdge® box is built using open source technologies making it very extensible and robust without incurring significant ownership costs.
It has been developed with a specific focus for HIV monitoring and clinical management but because of its extensible architecture it has been extended to monitoring and clinical management of other chronic diseases including Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.

The TherapyEdge® Box integrates easily into any network architecture and thus provides a single point of access to numerous clinical knowledge bases.
Because of its web-based interface and architecture, one TherapyEdge® box can serve a single facility or a large geography with numerous remote facilities such a regional hospital and its numerous dependant rural care clinics and dispensaries. This makes it a cost effective solution.

The TherapyEdge® system puts the various data available into clinical perspective for day-to-day patient and disease management. It offers the following features:

  • Linux based operating system
  • Web-browser interface to access local server
  • Data stored in MySQL database
  • Connectivity and real-time maintenance
  • DSL, 3G, dial-up
  • IT Administration Interface
  • Patient identification with fingerprint
  • Several types of user levels (show/edit/delete, restriction on pools of data…)
  • Encrypted hard drive
  • Secured SSL connections
  • Firewall
  • SSH remote connections (authentification key)
  • RAID
  • Backup on DVD, through internet, on external hard drives

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