TherapyEdge® develops and provides point of care, decision support software for healthcare professionals who are caring for people with potentially life-threatening chronic diseases.

As a clinical software and information company, TherapyEdge® provides intelligent, patient management systems to healthcare professionals.

TherapyEdge®’s patented, web based and local TherapyEdge® Box Systems allow clinicians to identify and deliver the best therapies for people living with complex, chronic diseases by utilizing advanced artificial intelligence technology to organize an assimilated state of the art medical and clinical trial data and international and national guidelines.

TherapyEdge® also provides a comprehensive longitudinal database that measures quality of care, identifies best practices, and assesses the effectiveness through diagnostic testing.

The TherapyEdge® system is deployed via the internet to permit web access, or via the local network of the clinical site. Its flexible architecture permits the systems to seamlessly communicate with other computer systems. Thus, a comprehensive e-health network including pharmacy, laboratory test ordering and results reporting can all be easily and securely integrated within the TherapyEdge® system, optimizing clinics workflow and most importantly patient care.

By tracking clinical data graphically including, markers of effectiveness and response, resistance, and safety laboratory results in one integrated database, TherapyEdge® instantly assesses a patient’s status and generates choices of state of the art therapy options.

TherapyEdge®’s real-time intelligent alert system automatically checks for potential drug interactions, comorbidities and significant past medical histories, as well as abnormal lab results and accuracy of drug dosing. TherapyEdge® distributes this actionable medical knowledge to subscribers anywhere in the world via their preferred web browsers (WAN) or the TherapyEdge® Box hosted on their Local Area Network (LAN).

Using its advanced technology, TherapyEdge® can query aggregated and de-identified patient data to report measurable outcomes to define best practices and quality in HIV care, to measure the utility of diagnostic procedures, and to assess the efficiency of historic or prospective drugs therapies.

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