DeepChek®-CMV Software (CE-IVD)

Ref: S-12-023 (ML) // S-12-023 (MM)


DeepChek® Software-CMV CE-IVD is a flexible and customizable downstream analysis software able to handle sequencing data and intended to be used for performing Cytomegalovirus (CMV) genomic data analyses and clinical interpretations.

Compatible with Electrophoresis Capillary and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) platforms (like MiSeq, MiniSeq, iSeq-100, 454-Junior, 454-FLX…), DeepChek®-CMV stores, organizes sequencing data in a dedicated database format and performs bio-informatics analyses and clinical interpretations of UL54 and UL97 sequencing data. It is able to generate reports to be used either for research or for routine use.

  • Supported formats: AB1, FASTA and PLAIN-TEXT for Sanger, FASTA/FASTQ (including paired sequencing), BAM/SAM for NGS covering Targeted Genes or also compatible with Whole Genome data.
  • Available analyses: amino-acid mutations/nucleotide changes determination and validation, NGS coverage validation
  • Available interpretations: drug resistance interpretation from several up-to-date guidelines
  • Included services: updates/upgrades (quarterly releases), support, web-training, historical sequencing data import
  • On-demand services: local training, integration with third-party instruments or systems, customization…

The DeepChek®-CMV software system is a secured web application which can be used through a Cloud access or locally, through pre-configured servers. It is made available with regular updates (new clinical databases, guidelines…) and quarterly upgrades (new features, modules, applications…) and can be fully integrated within the IT network of each laboratory (integration with the sequencing platform, with the Laboratory Information System – LIS, with the Hospital Information System – HIS…).

Overview of the pipeline

Characteristics and performances


Compatibility with Capillary Electrophoresis (SANGER) platforms


Compatibility with Next Generation Sequencing platforms


Intended use


Supported inputs

AB1, FASTA and PLAIN-TEXT for Sanger, FASTA/FASTQ (including paired sequencing), BAM/SAM for NGS covering Targeted Genes or also compatible with Whole Genome data


From sequencing data to report in ~2 minutes for SANGER and ~30 minutes for NGS (depending on the platform)

Supported regions

UL54, UL97

Available analyses

Amino-acid mutations detection, nucleotide changes detection, NGS run quality report

Available interpretations

Drug resistance through different up-to-date guidelines

Available outputs

Clinical genotyping report (PDF), 1-page genotyping report (soon), quality-information report on Amino-Acid changes (CSV), Quality information report on nucleotide changes (CSV)

Included services

Unlimited updates & upgrades of the software, support, training...


Secured web platform (user restriction, access monitoring...), data export, multi-sites, unlimited number of users/analyses per site


Local servers, historical data import, integration with LIS and HIS, integration with sequencers, automation of the IT workflow, customization...

Examples of reports

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DeepChek®-CMV Software (CE-IVD)

S-12-023 (ML)

DeepChek®-CMV Module (CE-IVD)

S-12-023 (MM)


General documentation

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